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We know it !

You are all waiting for the winegrowers' banquet,

THE highlight of the Festival!

But this year, for health reasons...


Unfortunately, it will not take place!

The show will therefore close its doors at 7 p.m.

to better find you the next day.

Since you always have to see the positive side of things, at least you will be fresh and available to continue your tastings on Sunday !! 

In order to satisfy your taste buds,

we can recommend some addresses for dinner:

Tandem: 35 Rue des 3 rois, Mulhouse

Cave à manger, exclusivement du vin nature et d'Alsace !

La Quille, 10 rue de la Moselle, Mulhouse

Bar à vins, large carte, (tradi, bio ou nature) et planchettes...

Le NoMad:  28 B rue François Spoerry, Mulhouse

Le lieu le plus vivant, dans une ancienne usine réhabilitée

Zum Sauwadala

13 rue de l'arsenal, Mulhouse

table, tradi spécialités alsaciennes

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